Remembrance, Responsibility, Reparations

Ariel S. Garfinkel, Scofflaw: International Law and America’s Deadly Weapons in Vietnam With the recent passing of Senator John McCain, it’s clear how hard it is for many Americans see what we’ve done in the world….

Don’t Expect Applause

Tom Hayden was a major player in the antiwar movement of the 1960s as well as a familiar liberal and progressive  activist, commentator, and researcher since.  His last book is entitled,  Hell No:  The Forgotten…

Imagining Dubya Writing Barack

I came across the following when browsing Ralph Nader’s book, Return to Sender: Unanswered Letters to the President, 2001-2015.  Ralph is not holding his breath that Obama’s successor will be any different.   After nearly…

Harvey Silverman’s on Edge

Perry I figured you’d understand the following— You know, I’m very sad That Dylan accepted that medal from Obama (I’ve been in a trance alternating Listening to “Masters of War” And then rereading Robert Fisk’s…

Words Not Hearable in the US Mainstream

Obama challenged Raúl Castro on Cuba’s human rights record And though Fidel is renowned for his loquacity, Raúl himself could have gone on for hours to Obama— Elaborating on the fact of a million U.S….