A Source of Life

As a young adult entering the Sisters of Loretto at eighteen, somewhat naively, I spent a lot of genuine effort to read and take seriously the Gospel.  What has sustained me over the long haul, from all the theology I studied in college as a young sister, was really scripture study.  I really learned to turn to the scriptures as a source of life.   When I  was in my twenties, I began to feel quite skeptical about the church and about religious life — it was a real crisis of faith.  I stopped praying and going to mass regularly.  But later I realized, I wanted to live authentically this vocation I chose as a teen.  I was twenty-four and I remember thinking — almost instinctually — of turning to scripture to see if the Gospel still made sense.  I remember sitting under a tree in Forest Park in St. Louis and reading the Gospel of Matthew, coming to the Sermon on the Mount and thinking — yes, this is what I want to do with my life!  This is real.  This is true for me.  I think this will always be true for me. 

Ann Manganaro, S.L., from a 1993 interview with Mev Puleo in El Salvador

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