Alive beyond Alive

My friend Loyola works at  Mount Saint Joseph (she’s chair of the Art Department)  and knew Pete Mosher.  We reminisced last night and today before Pete’s funeral.  Cab picked me up at Lo’s  this morning and we went to Saint Clare’s Church on Cedar Avenue.  Lo sent the following to me this afternoon as Cab, Jane, Allison Lind, and I were returning to Saint Louis.
I meet Cab
(when she comes to get Markie for the funeral)
and suddenly I become aware
of all the forms that Pete is taking.
There she is, a new person to me, in her dark blue dress coat and shoes,
Michelle Disbennette brown hair,
thin delicate face with large eyes and a small serious smile “glad to meet you”
and in the muddy cold street, air silver with rain and the melting of snow
I see him, smiling,
All the forms he is now taking
All the beautiful, one-of-a-kind forms.
Alive beyond alive.

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