I did not know the light and I thought there was no truth in life. But having become convinced that people could only live by this light, I began to seek its source and I found it in the Gospels, despite the false interpretations of the churches. And having arrived at this source of light, I was blinded by it and was given full answers to my questions concerning the meaning of my life and the lives of others, answers that completely harmonized with all the answers from the other cultures familiar to me, answers that, in my opinion, transcended all others.
–Leo Tolstoy, The Gospel in Brief

The text of the Gospels explodes with meaning.  It radiates significance, and if we fail to see something, this is not because it is obscure, but because there is so much, and because the meaning is too bright—it blinds us. You can turn to it all through your life.  Its light never fails.  Like the sun’s.  Its brilliance astounded the Gentiles and they believed.
–Abram Tertz,  A Voice from the Chorus

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