Power Branding, American Style

Early morning walk
on Naperville-Wheaton Road
I see this collection of signs:
Power Litany Naperville
One caught my eye
Power Yoga
Power Yoga?
Of course
Power Yoga!
This is branding, American-Style
What’s next?
What else is out there
Or on the horizon?
Power Vipassana?
Power Heart Sutra Chanting?
Power Samadhi?
Power Interbeing?
Power Mindfulness Sangha of Fenton?
Power Mussar?
Power Bhagavad Gita Reading Group?
Power Writing to Wake Up Classes?
Power Mev Puleo Scholarship?
Power Men and Women for Others?
Power Share the Wealth?
Power Partners in Health?
Power Smoothies?
Power Brussels Sprouts?
Power Lunch to Drive Your Competitors into the Ground?
Power Elie Wiesel Speaking Praise to Power?
Power Psychiatrists Who Soothe the Powerful?
Power Front Yard Flags?
Power More Righteous Wars Coming Right Up?
Power Local News Association of Comforting the Comfortable?
Power National News Association of Afflicting the Afflicted?
Power Business as Usual, LLC?
Power Whatever It Takes, Inc.?
Power U.S. War Crimes for Hell of It?
Power Über Alles?

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