Bucket List/1

To love my enemies
To be here now
To smile at every child I meet
To travel in my mind’s eye to Rafah, Gaza and remember the beauty of the people
To encourage 237 more people I know to share their writing with their peeps
To take house at 1840 Hogan Street with Courtney Barrett in a festival of nostalgia
To appreciate daily Joanie French’s amazing ways of accompanying the stuck, afflicted, and suffering
To listen to the Well-Tempered Clavier  straight through on a Sunday morning for the good of my soul
To be aware of the many Mark Chmiels vibrating in and out of me
To self-publish four more books to pay homage to the srimatijis and bodhisattvas I’ve known and imagined
To do the work of justice with several friends here in USA for the well-being of Bangladeshi factory workers
To use as mantra these words of ancient Chinese sage, Mengzi: Bi you shi yan

Circa 2008 (The SLU Years)

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