Chant and Be Happy!

Chant when I go downstairs in the early morning
Chant as I walk around the block each day with radiant smile at 20 degrees

Chant and remember all my misjudgments and chant not to repeat them
Chant and dedicate it to Sri Melissa Banerjee

Chant and remember my South Asian students over 20 years
Chant for E. and L., best friends, best students

Chant with George and all devotees
Chant when driving “Krishna Krishna Hare Hare”

Chant for Chomsky who’s on record for putting the non-vaccinated in concentrated zone
Chant for I, Me, Mine to become You, You, Yours

Chant for “purity, unflinching faith and burning eagerness”
Chant for sadhana wherever I am

Chant and forget your intellect
Chant and activate your heart

Chant and sing songs to HH Nirmala Sundari
Chant and this time, for real, see: “This is it!”

Chant, ah, this day in the life
Chant and be a mentsh in this meshugah velt


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