Chris Wallach

Some people are able to focus, laser-like, on one thing—athletes, musicians, scientists. For Chris Wallach, it’s mindfulness. It’s a gift. It’s a talent she’s deliberately cultivated over the last many years. It’s a whole set of skills that she practices, like  smiling, speaking, teaching, noticing. It’s a good kind of passion—healthy, robust. It’s unifying her consciousness (both mind and store).  Mindfulness, it’s one thing, yet it connects her to everything and everyone.

Chris is an also exemplar of hospitality, opening her lovely Fenton home to many of us for Days of Mindfulness, Sharing of Wealth, and the Young Nhat Hanh class. For years our sangha would meet on Saturdays in her first-grade classroom at New City School.

She’s taken umpteen classes with me. She says she likes “the community and the connection.”

Photo above: Chris and daughter Carrie

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