Dear Monseñor

Last week in Writing to Wake Up, a topic proposed was: “Write a letter to someone (in)famous in history, someone really dastardly, or someone really inspiring.”


Dear Monseñor
You were right

You were/are resurrected in the Salvadoran people
The government and the 14 families didn’t get that

They thought the assassins they hire to maintain stability
Could take out you & Nacho & Rutilio & countless others

Kill them
And they will be silenced

But Monseñor you live on
Throughout Latin America

And get this–
You want to hear a real miracle?

There’s even resurrection
In the United States of Aggression

Oops, I mean the United States of Amnesia
The amnesia being the facilitator

Of the aggression needed
To maintain the transcendent stability of injustice for the benefit of the few

Even here!
I can testify from my own experience Sunday night at Josh and Laura’s

That even norteamericanas
Have been resurrected

Even here
In the land of coca-wash

I mean Lindsey and  Maria
They were embraced by

The people that survived the 70s & 80s & 90s
These people who embody your spirit which means

Speaking the truth
Walking with the wounded

Opening face to face with the vulnerable
Believing that things can change by the power of love

After so much misery these Salvadorans
Beamed out lightlove from their eyes & ears & hands

It woke up Lindsey and Maria
Bam! Their eyes & hearts wide open

To the truth of oppression
To the truth of community

To the truth of stories shared that makes it a little easier
To the truth that they’re so lovable

To the realidad of love
Day in and day out

In situations that batter the heart
Maria & Lindsey testified to what happened to them

(Or like Rev. Thurman said
The world needs people who have come fully alive)

Lindsey and Maria were clued in big -time
Waking up & resurrection

Are possible
In the here and now

You’d be smiling, Monseñor
To see these resurrected compañeras in el Norte

To the people you loved at the risk of your life

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