Don’t Be Swayed

Dear Bella

If you’ve practiced lojong previously
Then you can practice lojong now

This morning I woke up
Thinking of you

And one of my favorite slogans
“Don’t be swayed by external circumstances”

So simple!
So impossible!!

When what you see is making your eyes about to burst a flood
Don’t be swayed

When you laugh so hard at what was said
Don’t be swayed

When your heart is totally broken (“Why does life have to be so painful?”)
Don’t be swayed

When one minute seems like three lifetimes of woe
Don’t be swayed

When Allen Ginsberg traveled in India
Early 1960s

He met a Tibetan lama
Who gave him this teaching:

If you see something Horrible, don’t cling to it
If you see something Beautiful, don’t cling to it

So simple!
So impossible!!

You, being a daughter of the Buddha, have it in you
Not to be swayed by the impossible



–from Our Heroic and Ceaseless 24/7 Struggle against Tsuris

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