During Our Lojong Class in the Central West End

“My true religion is kindness.”

Everyone is trying to keep it together
To make a contribution
Don’t forget this
Have a kind heart

Maybe some people aren’t trying to make it better
They want to cause trouble
Don’t dwell on them
Cultivate a kind heart

Seven million stories in the metro area
On repeat in tens of thousands of minds
Targets of prejudice, scorn, and meanness
Have a kind heart for these people

Procrastinating students needing rest
They’re still being tested at age 20
Breathe in and out for them
With an ever-expanding kind heart

I can become stuck, pessimistic
The state of the world oy vey!
Rose and Abbie are at this table
They have kind hearts

Some people have the itch to leave the damned country
And go on a quest
I’ll travel with them
Through my own kind heart

Something’s gotta give, sooner or later we say
But sooner or later is about fruition
Don’t get tossed away by results
Invest in a kind heart

Driving on I-70
I’ll let that person in
Why should I be rushing
When I can slow down into a kind heart?

Sangha at Sophia House on Saturday
What will happen to Thay
Will he live or die?
Whichever, he’ll do it with a kind heart

Joanie French is a blond bodhisattva
She moves limbs raises heads
Feels up and down the spines
Always, always with a kind heart

Sitting at Fatima’s table
Enjoying writing these lines
A testament to the simple truth:
Open wide a kind heart

–fall 2014

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