Finding Equanimity: Share the Wealth with Andrew Wimmer on Sunday 6 August

At the beginning of this calendar year I undertook to write something more or less daily and to post it to a Substack page. Some political, some personal. I saw it mostly as a way of getting all of the things swirling around in my head out into the world. I’ve also been experimenting with a Fuji XT-30 paired with vintage prime lenses from the 50s and 60s and have been posting a few of those from time to time. I don’t have an agenda other than to hear what you are thinking about and how you’re working to find some equanimity. For me it’s been a mix of writing, photography, and meditation. You can take a look at my Substack page and bring your work to share if you like.

Join us
Sunday 6 August
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Andrew begins sharing at 6:45
We gather at Andrew’s home
4400 Arco Avenue
Forest Park Southeast
Point your GPS to 1077 S. Newstead, 63110
Park on Newstead
House is on SW corner of Newstead and Arco
Enter front door at 4400 Arco

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