First Things First

It is not for us to find fault with anyone else and sit in judgment over him. We should be exhausted judging ourselves only, and so long as we notice a single fault in ourselves and wish our relations and friends not to forsake us in spite of such fault, we have no right to poke our nose into other people’s conduct. If in spite of ourselves we notice another’s fault, we should ask him himself if we have the power and think it proper to do so, but we have no right to ask anybody else.
—Mohandas Gandhi, All Men Are Brothers


We live badly, because we are bad. Therefore, if we want life to stop being bad, we have to turn bad people into good people. How do we do that? You cannot transform anyone but yourself. At first it seems that by doing that you will not change anything. Who am I compared to so many? But we all complain about how bad life has become. If we grasped that bad people are what creates this bad life and that we cannot change other people but can only work on changing ourselves, then life would start to improve.
—Leo Tolstoy, Spiritual Writings  

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