From a Brand New Notebook by Katie Consamus

The magnificent Katie Consamus sent me this a while back, and I am happy to share it here.

January 12, 2011 at 10:43pm
From page one of a brand new notebook.

Written first with a trusty Precise V5 Pilot Extra Fine Black Rolling Ball Pen. (Not that I’m picky.)

I hope you are well. My notebooks are still alive and breathing: BREATHE! I am alive.
Wave to St. Louis for me.

Clean notebooks feel good and right.

My life is not so clean. Not always so good and right.

Tonight I need a pen that writes
Writes smooth and fast and easy

For words muddled, choked, constricted
In the throat

So then? Words stolen from texts not my own

As I try to find answers for the unanswerable

from “Midsummer Ghazal: July 1”

“I look in the mirror and see a woman I do not know.
What does she want? Gold, she says, for my new freckles.”

“My heart is open, my past is blown away.
The wind brings roses mixed with the smell of rain.”

from “Midsummer Ghazal: July 2”

“I need to empty my heart of bitterness, as well as my brain.”



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