From Me to You

I know there is much on your mind
School, bureaucracy, the future, etc.

I want to offer you something
I wouldn’t say this to just anyone

(But maybe someone else
Has already given you what I have in mind

In which case I’ll smile
Knowing you’ve already been so blessed)

It would make no impression on most people
They’d forget it one-and-a-half seconds later

But you’re different
I think you’d be interested

I have held your notebook
I have heard your voice

I have seen you possessed when scribbling
I have picked up your exuberant bibliophile vibe

(Tell me now, are you equally exuberant
When it comes to upper-level econ classes?)

This is something that could change your life
(It’s changing mine)

It could be a bell of mindfulness
Bringing you back to your true Polish self

See what I have to share is so simple
It’s just three syllables:

Let me know when you want to go to Left Bank Books



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