Glenn Greenwald and the Gospels

Today I received by email a Substack article by Glenn Greenwald, which is worth reading: Values and Character v. Political Identity: Some Personal Reflections–“The Brazilian firefighter, union leader, evangelical and ex-Congressman Cabo Daciolo was once embraced by the left, but is now vilified by them as a ‘hater’ of LGBTs. Many vital lessons are here.”

Glenn’s husband David Miranda has been seriously ill for the last two months. I found the following passage quite inspiring–“Each time Cabo has called me to ask about David, he also conveys messages of support for me and our kids. It is usually an overtly religious message, but it is the opposite of alienating. It expresses the best and most noble sentiments of the Gospels — which I read for the first time at the age of 21, when I was shocked to find how radically different it was from what I had been taught to believe about the New Testament and Christianity and how it often found expression in 1980s political debates from the likes of the Moral Majority, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. There was nothing evangelizing or mechanical about the Biblical verses he references to me. They resonate deeply with me. He chose them with our family’s fear, suffering and deprivations in mind. They provided great comfort, spiritual connection, and love.”

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