Good To Be with You, Too

Marky-Mark–you are such a spark!
in those terra cotta colored cords,
and your tie-dyed T,
driving your fancy mini cooper,
shuffling through the SLAM,
counting the number of paintings that contained the color, periwinkle.
Was it 5? The same number of women artists at the show. . . .
You say you are not an artist, but that is a LIE!
Your mango walls say it all!
I can’t believe I suggested mint for your study–ugh!
You need Magenta or Cerulean or Lemon. . . .
to match your pants and your passion.

I’m not a poet or a writer, but thought i would send you a try,
years ago you taught be how to “go for it”, don’t hold back.
The Art of Living suggests that I change my attitude–
and I’ve decided to change it to gratitude.
I’m grateful for you and your time,
back then, and on Saturday and Sunday,
and for the past 13 years.
You keep me real, help me remember, push me forward,
and challenge me to be the artist I truly am.

You look great–you know–not a day older than 45!
Good luck with your ever-growing list of home improvements
and I hope our paths cross again soon.

Miss you already!

Love to you,

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