Gratitude Journal/6

Dear Kelley,

Thanks for this week’s nocturnal emails expressing indignation,  that, yes, injustice continues to spread misery all over the planet.  What can I say in response?  How  can we resist being colonized, mentally enslaved to the dread Thatcher vision TINA (There is no alternative)?

We know the truth, and then in the hurly burly of a typical day we forget.

But you summoned me to remember… Pascal’s wager, Gramsci’s maxim, our own U.S. history of struggle and solidarity, however faint-hearted we ourselves sometimes are.

I’m not joking, Kelley–I need to be with you in something like a base community, on a regular basis, because I need your pizzazz, your perspectives, your rants, your openness. I don’t know yet the particulars or how to make this happen, but just articulating the wish is a start. Plus, I don’t have to figure it out alone, I’ll do it with you, and Ann, and Lindsay, and Kate, and our other friends.

Ever grateful for your candor and ability/willingness to let it rip,


Kelley writing14900_n

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