Life would be much more exciting if each of us left a trail of “little sparks of appreciation” along our way.
–David Dunn, Try Giving Yourself Away

In August of 2021 I finished my fifth major writing project, We Inter-Are.  It is a collection of poems, meditations, and re-visioned correspondences from the last twelve years. Meister Eckart was in the middle of my mind throughout the composing and sharing, with his view that “if the only prayer you say in your entire life is ‘Thank you,’ that would suffice.”  I made a PDF, and emailed it to fifty people.  I did receive an inspiring hand-written response this past January from a friend. She cheered me by her enormous spark of appreciation,  allowing a space in her heart for those 346 pages.

Since August this year, with fall semester being only four weeks in, I have already had several occasions to share my own delight and gratitude for my students’  moving, profound, and insightful Joe Brainard-esque “I Remember” papers. 

Writing, reading, sharing, feeling, responding, giving, receiving, ah, we inter-are!

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