I Love Self-Righteous People!

Dear Bella Levenshteyn
I’m astounded on a daily basis:

The hand-written letters I receive
From dear ones via the USPS!!!

In my circle of near and far-flung friends
We are keeping alive this art form

The following is from Marvin
(You remember, from my Beserkley days

He’s part of a sangha out there
That meets twice a week!)

I am happy to share his ode with you
Perry Schimmel

I love self-righteous people!
I dig them!

Best thing is—
They’re not hard to find!

They’re just being themselves
It comes so naturally to them

It doesn’t matter where they are politically
I’m not choosey:

I love the smug right-wingers
I love the irritable left-wingers

I’m drawn to them
I seek them out

At the cafés
In the plazas

During happy hour
At coffee and donuts

On Telegraph Ave
In the Rose Garden

I’ve got to see them
Be with them

Cherish their predictable rants
Their spouting off about any and everything

Bask in those precious minutes amid their dogmatism
Their incessant yammering about how right they are

Identify with precision the specks of truth
Their cocksureness covers over

I love self-righteous people!
They are my greatest teachers!

They are so generous too
They give me countless opportunities

Whenever I am with them
Or see them on television

Or hear them on radio
To realize just how much

They remind me
Of me

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