Institute for the Cultivation of Slowness

You can start right where you are:
Your home at 2167 Spring Avenue

You can invite people over
To an evening’s introduction

How speed is ruining us
How slowness can save us (heal us)

You can offer a weekend slow-shop
On relearning how to do one thing at a time

Or walking unhurriedly down Flora Avenue
And noticing what we notice

(With cell phone left behind)
With our own two eyes

Or preparing a lunch
That’s the quintessence of slow-food

You can offer a course that meets weekly
That goes deeply into the theory and practice of slowness

How we drive and how we walk
How we eat and how we talk

Getting disconnected from technology
For a few hours here and there

Exercising our slow muscles
So we can become stronger, calmer

Seeing how silence
Can enhance our slowness

You have everything you need
Experience insight passion

You can start this Institute today
I will be your student

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