It’s OK

It’s OK to forget to do gratitudes when you most need them
It’s OK to be grumpy for between seven and nine minutes
It’s OK to feel like everyone is smarter than you (but for no more than 405 seconds)
It’s OK to sleep in 30 minutes later than your usual rising time
It’s OK not to be “the best” (whatever that means)
It’s OK to feel totally and miserably average for half of a morning
It’s OK to wear a scowl for 15 seconds (but no longer, as a child might see you)
It’s OK to kvetch like there’s no tomorrow (if it’s me you’re kvetching to)
It’s OK to see the glass as 1/100th empty
It’s OK to believe you’re a fake, a phony, and a fraud (for two full minutes, max)
It’s OK to convince yourself that you’ve made the stupidest decisions and everyone in the Western hemisphere is tweeting about it (for as long as your longest remembered yawn)
It’s OK to be reminded how heartful, profound, witty, and drop-dead brilliant you are by an elder you can’t so easily dismiss as you can a peer
It’s OK if you see tsuris everywhere you look (at least from 4 to 5 p.m. [I know I do])
It’s OK to believe you’re the most forgettable nobody in the metropolitan area
It’s OK to cry before the mirror in an flash-flood of self-pity
It’s OK to want to throw in the towel (for as long as it takes to drink one shot of espresso)
It’s OK to be irritated by people who are excessively parenthetical (you know the type)
It’s OK to feel so out of sorts you contemplate asking the curmudgeonly bus-driver for a hug
It’s OK to assume nobody could possibly believe how fill-in-the-blank you are
It’s OK to be a total amnesiac that I wrote a magnificent visionary poem about you that included how Charles Bukowski was blown away by all I told him about you
It’s even OK if you can’t learn to be OK with not being OK
It’s OK really
It’s so OK
It’s OK
To be a human becoming

Oh, and one more thing–
It’s OK to be loved
And you are


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