Like Pat Geier, Jim Flynn, Jean Abbott, Andrew Wimmer, and Angie O’Gorman, for Example…

Remember, thousands of well-to-do mainstream Americans went to Central America to do things like living in a village, on the assumption that a white face might restrict terror against these people. This has never happened in the history of imperialism. Nobody ever dreamed of going to live in a Vietnamese village to protect people against marauding soldiers in the 1960s…. In no imperial war that I can remember did massive numbers of citizens go to protect the victims of their own country.

–Noam Chomsky, Democracy and Power: The Delhi Lectures, pp. 88, 145

Note: People mentioned in the title above are friends in Louisville and St. Louis who have worked in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.; they’re more “well-to-be” than well-to-do…

Angie O’Gorman

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