My Good News/14

My good news is I met Lindsey Weston and she made me cry: tears of compassion, tears of gratitude

My good news is I can handle whatever is coming and if I can’t, that’s OK

My good news is I can be OK with not being OK

My good news is I have an ankling of what it means to give 110% to a project because I witnessed Chelsea Eva Jaeger do that in and for a class for fifteen weeks

My good news is that in my depths there is a light which occasionally manifests

My good news is that I can sometimes recognize my kleshas and catch myself thinking

My good news is, as Nebu said, I know very fine people: Look at the Sunday night gatherings

My good news is Irum walking out on the patio–I wish I were poet enough to describe her joie de vivre

My good news is friends able to take a steady look at some hard truths

My good news is so many people are wiling to share their wealth

My good news is hearing students say, “I’ve never had a class like this before”

My good news is Joanie’s presence, hilarity, wisdom, and ease

My good news is that I didn’t die at 38 or 47; 52 is a good age (but what’s the alternative?)

My good news is I’ll in all likelihood never be so poor that I can’t afford a $2.00 notebook

— from May 2013, on a topic that can never be exhausted (sparked by Thich Nhat Hanh’s poem, The Good News)

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