Please Bodhisattva

For All Allen Ginsbergs Everywhere

Oh Bodhisattva
I’m a slacker

Ach Bodhisattva
My mind sometimes is so many-pointed

Dear Bodhisattva
I’ve grown weary of always having an angle

Woe is me Bodhisattva
My middle name is “Scattered”

Gee Bodhisattva
It’s hard to cultivate loving-kindness for you know who

I know Bodhisattva
You won’t condemn me

Please Bodhisattva
May I approach you

Please Bodhisattva
May I bow and touch your feet

Please Bodhisattva
May I sit at your feet

Please Bodhisattva
Recite to me the Heart Sutra

Dear Bodhisattva
Now what was the Diamond Sutra trying to say

Never mind Bodhisattva
That’s just my discursive intellect flaring up again

Please Bodhisattva
Gently or urgently remind me to be a Buddha for more than a mere two hours a day

Please Bodhisattva
Press my feverish brow with a cool wash cloth

Please Bodhisattva
Will you read me some lines of Li Qingzhao

Please Bodhisattva
Soothe my jittery nerves

Please Bodhisattva
May I sit with you Japanese-style

Luminous Bodhisattva
Can you spare me another few minutes

Please Bodhisattva
Remind me that the truth of nonviolent action is best expressed in how one closes the door

Yes Bodhisattva
My in-breath is growing longer

Ahh Bodhisattva
My out-breath is growing longer

Awww Bodhisattva
Your Harvey Milk-stamped letters bring me joy

Please Bodhisattva
Kiss me on the top of my head like Kathy Kelly did

Dear Bodhisattva
Send me on my way out into the world

Let my being of inter-being vibrate so:
Gate gate pāragate pārasamgate bodhi svāhā!


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