Poem of the Week: Mendacity by Rob Trousdale

the Cristo Rey model
the fair trade coffee
the organic raspberries
the Sunday sunset at Augusta
the cat’s purr
the recycling plan
the 25% bonus
the carbon credit swap
the KIPP principal driving a Benz
the Democratic platform
the billionaire philanthropist
the community policing proposal
the corporate responsibility plan
the two-state solution
the house on the hill
the ivy league leaders
the bad apple cop
the Attorney General
the evening news
the buy 1 get 1 free promotion
the lover’s 11:32pm text
the MCA scores
the grand jury
the $10 minimum wage
the NFL hospital vists
the 4.0 gpa
the officer’s smile
the market’s invisible hand
the Time’s 100 most influential
the People’s 100 most beautiful
the liberation theologian on his 3rd glass of Chateau Leoville Las Cases 2010
the Prius
the LED lightbulbs
the corporate peace candidate
the VIP Coldplay tickets
the two-party system
the 6days/7nights vacation
the extra 12 yards from the tee
the recommended 7.5 hours of sleep
the NutriSystem shake
the yearly bitewing x-rays
the SAT
the George Foreman grill
the $10 pedi
the $17 cocktail
the 90 day weight loss challenge
the statement of purpose
the Ultra Strength Lotrimin
the 40-hour work week
the 5 paragraph essay
the after work happy hour
the poet living on a trust fund

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