Poetry Is Endless

I keep in one file  poems I love
It’s my own anthology
I read & reread poems at least a half hour every day
I have many more to add…
(Like Li Ch’ing-Chao, Du Fu, Wang Wei, Li Bo, Yeats, Blake, Waldman…..)


Who Knows


Anryu Suharu

Oak Tree

Sherko Bekas


Giaconda Belli 

Free Country: July 19, 1979

Ernest Cardenal

  1. Apparition in Hamburg
  2. Before a Photo
  3. Blessed the Man (Psalm 1)
  4. Cell Phone
  5. Epigram #8
  6. Epigram #11
  7. Epigraph #30: Epitaph for the Tomb of Adolfo Baez Bone
  8. Epigraph #43
  9. Epistle to Monsignor Casaldaliga
  10. Nicaraguan Canto
  11. Oracle over Managua
  12. Prayer for Marilyn Monroe
  13. Recalling All of a Sudden
  14. Recordings of the Sacred Pipe
  15. Room 5600
  16. The U.S. Congress Approves Aid to the Contras
  17. The White Goddess
  18. The Wretched of the Earth (Psalm 44)
  19. Trip to Germany (1973)
  20. Trip to New York
  21. Unrighteous Mammon (Luke 16.9)
  22. Visit to Weimar (GDR)
  23. Zero Hour

Ricardo Castorrivas 

Soneto amargo a la taza de café



Mercedes Durand

They Fell on the Stairway

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

  1. Allen Ginsberg Dying
  2. An Elegy on the Death of Kenneth Patchen
  3. An Elegy to Dispel Gloom
  4. Christ Climbed Down
  5. Come Lie with Me and Be My Love
  6. Dragon’s Teeth
  7. Eight People on a Golf Course And One Bird of Freedom Flying Over
  8. History of the Airplane
  9. How Fragile the Flesh
  10. I am Waiting
  11. Into the Interior
  12. O Heart
  13. One Thousand Fearful Words for Fidel Castro
  14. “Pity the Nation”
  15. Poetry as  Subversive Art
  16. Populist Manifesto
  17. Recipe for Happiness in Khabarovsk or Anyplace
  18. Rough Song of Animals Dying
  19. Sandinista Avioncitos
  20. Sometime during Eternity
  21. Song of the Third World Birds
  22. Tall Tale of the Tall Cowboy
  23. The General Song of Humanity
  24. The Old Italians Dying
  25. They Were Putting up the Statue of Saint Francis
  26. Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercedes

Fujiwara No Yoshifusa

Allen Ginsberg

  1. Cosmopolitan Greetings
  2. Death and Fame
  3. Improvisation in Beijing
  4. I Am a Victim of  Telephone
  5. Is About
  6. Kaddish [selections]
  7. May Days 1988
  8. New Stanzas for Amazing Grace
  9. Personals Ad
  10. September on Jessore Road
  11. To Aunt Rose
  12. World Bank Blues
  13. Yiddishe Kopf



A strange old man

Naga Uta

Ikkyu  Sojun

Ishigaki Rin



In My Life

Izumi Shikibu

At the Sutra chanting of her dead daughter


Kenrei Mon-in Ukyo no Daibu


Kujo Takeko

Worth Counting




Dunya Mikhail

  1. America
  2. An Urgent Call
  3. Bag of Bones
  4. The Prisoner
  5. The War Works Hard

Murasaki Shikibu

This life of ours

Muso Soseki

Ono No Komachi

Otomo No Yakamochi

Edward Arlington Robinson

  1. Miniver Cheevy
  2. Mr. Flood’s Party
  3. Reuben Bright
  4. Richard Corey
  5. The House on the Hill
  6. Villanelle of Change


No One Spoke


Ernesto Mejia Sanchez

The Death of Somoza

Ed Sanders

  1. Le’s Not Keep Fighting the Trojan War
  2. Multi-Decade Research Systems
  3. The Egyptian “Sesh”
  4. The Question of Self-Publishing
  5. To the Revolutionaries Not Yet Born
  6. Whispering Books
  7. You Have to Be Ready for Ridicule

Andrea Scarpino

August 6, Hiroshima



Clementina Suarez


Wislawa Szymborska

  1. ABC
  2. A Word on Statistics
  3. Advertisement
  4. Could Have
  5. Dreams
  6. Funeral
  7. Here
  8. In Praise of Dreams
  9. May 16, 1973
  10. Miracle Fair
  11. Pi
  12. The End and the Beginning
  13. The Terrorist, He’s Watching
  14. The Three Oddest Words
  15. The Turn of the Century
  16. Under One Small Star
  17. Vietnam

Thich Nhat Hanh

Those That Have Not Exploded

Alice Walker

  1. Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
  2. Democratic Womanism
  3. Hope to Sin Only in the Service of Waking Up
  4. If They Come To Shoot You
  5. Occupying Mumia’s Cell
  6. Our Martyrs
  7. To Change the World Enough
  8. Sailing the Hot Streets of Athens. Greece
  9. The Joyful news of Your Arrest
  10. Thousands of Feet Below You
  11. We Pay a Visit to Those Who Play at Being Dead
  12. What Makes the Dalai Lama Lovable?
  13. You Want To Grow Old Like The Carters

Walt Whitman

  1. Beginners
  2. Beginning My Studies
  3. I Hear America Singing
  4. I Hear it Was Charged against Me
  5. Me Imperturbe
  6. One’s-Self I Sing
  7. Poets To Come
  8. This Is What You Shall Do
  9. To You

William Butler Yeats

  1. For Anne Gregory

Yosano Akiko

Tangled Hair

I Have the Delusion

Daisy Zamora

  1. 50 Love Poems and an Unfulfilled Confession to Ernesto Cardenal
  2. Commander Two
  3. Detail
  4. Emilia, the Nurse
  5. Lament
  6. Minimal Elegy
  7. Precisely
  8. Prescription
  9. Song of Hope
  10. Supermarket News
  11. To the Last


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