“Pure Distilled Evil”

Tablet‘s David Samuels has another illuminating interview, today with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. A brief excerpt-

If you were saying, “My name is Bobby Kennedy, and I’m representing an organization called Riverkeeper, and we are taking on Monsanto, which is a big company that is dumping chemicals associated with birth defects into your water,“ people look at you and say, “Good for you, Bobby.“  So why do you think emotionally, psychologically, that once you took on this other set of big companies, pharmaceutical companies, which work with a different set of chemicals, and started accusing them of some similar practices, suddenly that made you into a dangerous weirdo?

RFK, Jr.: Well, it’s actually even a narrower question than that, because if you ask any Democrat or liberal, are the pharmaceutical companies greedy, evil, and homicidal, and are they committing mass murder with a lot of products like Vioxx, which killed 120,000 people, every Democrat and every liberal will tell you, “Yeah, those companies are pure distilled evil.“

The opioid crisis kills 56,000 young Americans every year, and they knew it.

RFK, Jr.: Everybody knows big pharma is crooked. So if you’re a Democrat and a liberal, you have to say yes, they are crooked in every aspect of their business—except for vaccines.

I think the three big pharma companies have paid $35 billion in criminal penalties and civil damages over the last decade or so. So they’re chronic felons. Why do you think that just with this one product they found Jesus and they are going to behave?

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  1. “Today’s scientists are wholly dependent for their survival upon the will of a conjoined financial megapolis connecting government, academia, and the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. If you talk to them, they almost all speak of fear—fear of losing their funding.” Celia Farber, Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS, p.29.

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