Questions for an Independent Journalist

I prepared  this list for Danielle Mackey’s Share the Wealth in November 2020.

Where can a person go to get the news?

What is an echo chamber  and what, if any role, does it play in journalism?

Do journalists in the mainstream still think of what they do as “objective”?

Whom can we trust (should we)?

Where in the US (or El Salvador) are there independent journalists?

What role doe corporate ownership have to do with journalists’ daily work?

What do you think of Bob Woodward’s book on Donald Trump?

What value, if any, do you see in using Twitter?

Can you think of one of Trump’s 20,000 lies that have had similar consequences to George W. Bush’s deceit on the Iraq War?

Some people assert  that people should meditate or do yoga X number of minutes a day;  hour many minutes would you suggest for reading the news each day?

Would you be willing next year to do an empowerment workshop on how to be critical and conscientious readers of the news?

Do liberal news sites push fake news like conservative ones?

What three habits would you encourage citizens to cultivate when it comes to how we “consume” the news?

Do you think that the New York Times will be half as  critical  of Joe Biden as it was of Donald Trump?

Can you talk about if you and your colleagues have received pushback, hassle, and threats for doing your journalistic work?

Did you know that one of the editors of The Intercept has a salary of $400,000 a year?

Did you ever read Gloria Emerson’s reportage from the Sixties onward?

Who are your three favorite (non-journalist) writers?

How much time do you spend reading news on the web, in a day or week, approximately?

What do you think of journalists moving away from mainstream outlets to do their work at Patreon and Substack?

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