Remembering Mev in San Antonio

Hi, Mark!

Hope that this new year is one full of blessings for you.

You’ve probably already received lots of copies of the article on Mev but decided to send it just in case.

This morning when I opened my Give Us This Day book, I was delightfully surprised to see the article on Mev.  So at our prayer time, I shared what I knew about Mev, the people in the Grove area who had been such a great support to both of you during her illness, and how you have such a talent for calling forth people’s gifts.  (Just now I needed to open my Outlook e-mail to get your e-mail address — and the very top email was from you re: “Share the Wealth with Jim Lochhead.”  How appropriate!)

Another person in the community (Martha Ann Kirk) was on sabbatical last year in Berkeley, doing a video biography of the dancer Carla DeSola.  Right away she recognized Mev’s name and said that Mev had taken photos of Carla.  Martha was very touched by Mev’s story.

And another person asked to borrow my copy of The Book of Mev so she could read about her.

A bit later at a morning meeting, the prayer with which I began the meeting was Mev’s quote at the bottom of the article:  “I’d rather die young having lived a life crammed with meaning, than to die old, even in security, but without meaning.”

Anyway, just want you to know that both Mev and you are fondly honored/ remembered here.

Please give my love to Joanie.  She is also fondly remembered!

Sister Jean Durel

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