Share the Wealth 2018

Thanks to my/our friends–those who shared with us, those who hosted, and those who came, opened, and listened. Like my student Anlin, I’m one of the richest people around.

Harvest in Occupied Palestine: Lea Koesterer

My Time in the Philippines:  Hanna Suek

Spiritual Questions, Faith Journeys, and Religious Identities: Savannah Sisk

Ramadan and the Experience of Patience: Ayesha Akhtar

Visions of Social Work: Some Food for Thought—Ashaki Jackson

Reflections from the 2017 Mev Puleo Program in Nicaragua—Brittany Butler, Suzy Kickham, Julia Nouse

Finding Purpose: An African Perspective: Lynda Oppong

The Solar: A Bridge from Here to There—Andrew Wimmer

Developing a Better Understanding—Ron Laney

When a House Becomes a Home: Jerry and Marty King

A Journey to Work Life Balance:  Dr. Jen Bello-Kottenstette

I Know Some of the Best People: Five Friendships—Cami Kasmerchak

The Sanctuary of a Garden—Dianne Lee

Farewell, Saint Louis—Jessie Sarber and Savannah Sisk

The Seymour Hersh Files—Andrew Ivers

The Overnight Janitor:  Loss Is Universal—Rebecca Gorley

Iphelia and Editing with the Gift of Feeling—Linsey Stevens

Notes from My Library—Gregory Pass and Jenny Lowe

Under The Deep Blue Sea— Sari Althubyani

Postcards to Young Voters— Dianne Lee and Bill Quick

Collage is a Simile for Life, And Other Reasons for My Medium of Choice—Linsey Stevens

An Introduction to Feldenkrais—Joanie French

The Magic of Self-Gift, Or, Why You Should Ask Yourself the Big Questions in Life, With Some Russian Literature Sprinkled In Along the Way—Mary Bast

The Natural Community of Small Towns—Sarah Hartmann Burkemper

On China, Minimalism, and World Travel— Wendy Lee & Xavier Vincent

Turning Stumbling Blocks into Stepping Stones: Friendship Soul Partnering—Barbara Sheets and Suzy Shepard

How a Small Newspaper Is Staying Committed to Watchdog Journalism—Alee Quick


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