Share the Wealth: It’s National Poetry Month

On Sunday 10 April I  invite you to share a favorite poem or two with us, whether by a poet you love or one of your own poems. Or you can tell us a story involving poetry, as you like.

We’ll gather by Zoom at 7 pm Central Time. Email me for URL


Ed Sanders
The Question of Self-Publishing 

For 25 years William Blake 

            kept the copper plates for 

                         the Songs of Innocence 

to print a copy or two on a need 

& then he hand-painted the colors 

                                                 with Catherine’s help 

Walt Whitman helped set & print 

                                     his own Leaves of Grass 

             in the Brooklyn vastness 

Woody Guthrie 

a mimeographed edition of his songs in ‘39 

& Ginsberg mimeo’d some “Howl”s 

                                     in ‘55 

& how about Chekhov’s Tales of Melpomene in 1885 

                         which he paid for 

or Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility 

of 1811? 

                                    & so it goes 

                                    & goes so well

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