Share the Wealth Sunday 6 June: The Joy of Letter-Writing

For this gathering I invite you to join me in sharing  about our experiences of sending and receiving mail through the USPS. 

The idea for this Share came a few days ago from when Andrew Wimmer passed on an article to me from the website Counterpunch. It’s an interview with Laura Nader on her new book, Letters to and from of an Anthropologist.   At the end of the interview, Dr. Nader stated, “We have lost the art of letter writing, but I think it will come back.”

I can attest that the art of letter writing is alive and well. To give  one example (among many I could cite) —several years ago I received a twelve-page, hand-written letter from a young teacher in Washington D.C.

A fair amount of material in my last major writing project, Dear Love of Comrades, consists of letters. (It’s available at my Facebook page.)

If Liz Burkemper comes, I will gently try to “pull” from her to describe her way of designing her own envelopes.

If Andrew Ivers comes, I will ask permission to share the screen to show one of his typewriter-generated gems.

Join us
Sunday 6 June
7:00 p.m. Central Time
For URL email me

P.S.  Years ago, I did a course called Epistolary Ecstasy, where we spent eight weeks being mindful about our correspondence.  A lot of fun.  For a taste of such ecstasy, see my culling from the letters of Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac:

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