Share the Wealth with Danielle Mackey: Thinking Critically about Violence in Central America

I’d like to talk a bit about — and think aloud with the gathered friends — ways to see violence in Central America through a critical lens. Often, Central America is summed up as the result of decades of exploitative US foreign policy, from which street gangs, drug cartels and corrupt politicians now force thousands to flee. Important information is missing from that narrative. I’ll mention some of the main sources of current violence, state responses to them, and a few critiques of those responses. Then I’ll share some of the efforts to respond in new ways, and why those are tricky.   

Danielle Mackey attended SLU in the mid-aughts, when Mark taught a Social Justice class that began with the ring of a meditation bell. She now lives in New York City and doesn’t meditate nearly as often as she should. 

Join us
Sunday 21 November
Beginning at 7:00 p.m. Central Time
Email me for Zoom URL

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