Share the Wealth with Jack McAtee: In But Not of The World

During this discussion we will try to make sense of these wild, strange, sad, wonderful, and terrifying times that we currently have the opportunity to live through. I’ll take a critical view on the current state of our democracy and other social institutions that are making life or death decisions on a daily basis. I plan to draw on my own personal experiences from working in and wrestling with Corporate America. I also plan to share how certain spiritual leaders (Thomas Merton, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, Henry David Thoreau) have helped me along this journey. Then I’ll attempt to share how I try to gently balance those two themes together (suggestions greatly appreciated!).

Jack is a life-long resident of St. Louis. He grew up in a very loving family that he owes the world to. He somehow tricked Saint Louis University into giving him degrees in Economics and Finance. In the roughly four years since graduation, his day-to-day gig has involved working as a bond trader for a local financial services firm. Jack’s next big adventure is to attempt to solo kayak the lower Mississippi River (STL -> New Orleans) in May 2021.

Join us
Sunday 17 May
7:00 p.m C.S.T.
Via Zoom
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