Share the Wealth with Jane Gramlich: The Role of People Raised “White” in Ending Racism

Hello my dear brothers and sisters!

I hope you will join us Sunday to further our understanding of racism, how it has impacted our relationship to self, our relationships with other folks raised white, as well as people targeted my this oppression.  We all are experts but it has to be drawn out from within.  This seems to take repetitive decision and enough safety to really make the progress necessary to unravel conditioning around race.

For as good as I know us to be, racism would have ended long ago, if we fully understood important details and the larger context in which racism was orchestrated. And true understanding is arrived at experientially. We, then, would have chosen to act on our power in every way, and every day!

As you may already realize, “You can’t teach what you don’t know.”   But it is clear to me that “You can teach that it is okay not to know”.We, early on, were around adult lifestyles that did not prioritize social and economic justice, and few could even talk about it wisely.  This is common experience of many of us “raised White”. Racism just wasn’t that important to really understand or do something about it, not really.

You may also share this realization with me. “If I want to get good at something, keep learning, keep moving, and keep acting, try to teach it.” When I take initiative to facilitate discussions with others on this topic, I grow in awareness.  So here I am.  I want greater skill in the area of connecting with other Raised White folks about race, class, and gender oppressions.  (We are fairly stuck in this area, and for good reasons.)   I want this because I want a world where people freely and deeply connect to self and each other.  I want our real human needs met so we can realize our magnificent capacities.  I want to be more a part of the solution to the problems that harm us than the problem itself.  And this takes work, because, as far as I can tell, our minds where “infected” with a lot of pseudo reality before we even got our bearings in the world.  That is why we deserve no blame for the conditioning we acquired about anything!    BUT, we are the only ones who can recover ourselves!  And we can help each other do that, enjoying every bit of it along the way.

I hope you will come and be yourself, where ever that is on this topic. We will only have time to look at small pieces of a very big picture.  But it takes longer if you don’t get started!  I am convinced everything we hold dear is at stake. Come find out why.  And YOUR contributions are key, no mater how you feel.

Liberation can be fun! … Jane

Join us
Sunday 26 April
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Jane begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Marty and Jerry King
830 DeMun, third floor
Clayton 63105

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