Share the Wealth with Julia Brucks: What Happens after an Eat-Pray-Love-esque Trip?

There is something about the light and air in France. Matisse spoke of the “Silver clarity of the light in Nice.” Van Gogh said, “The air in France brightens the thoughts and is good for you. A refreshing wind blows here.” After an Eat-Pray-Love-esque trip to France this summer, I have come to the conclusion that the light and air is just not the same here in the Midwest. Our City of the Sun, Cahokia, is as close as it gets.

I’m not the first to fall in love with the sun; the Ancient Egyptians, Celtics, Hindus, Buddhists, and many more all adore(d) the sun. It should be no surprise that Dr C wants to interview me about my love of the sun and the journey that a two week trip to France has taken me on and is still taking me on, shifting how I relate to life and death and existentialism. Phew. Big words. Awfully deep. Should be an interesting enough of a discussion if you got time to join.

A little bit about me – My first name means youthful and last name means bridge. I am a big city girl and fluent in franglish. I hate trivia and love philosophy and politics. I have never craved a hamburger and could live off of cheese and wine and vegetables. I am a daughter, sister, friend, community organizer, and an interior-designer wannabe.

Join us!
Sunday 29 January
Potluck dinner begins at 6:00 p.m.
Julia begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Celine Shallon
4315A Shaw Boulevard
(On the corner of Tower Grove and Shaw)
Saint Louis


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