Share the Wealth with Magan Wiles: Surprise! No One is Coming to Help, So It’s Up To Us, Or, My Limited Experience With the Power of Mutual Aid

Last summer I joined the WP4BL Sandwich Squad and started delivering PB&J sandwiches to a community of unhoused people living on the street in Santa Monica, a few miles down the street from where I lived at the time. I was simultaneously learning more about the concept of mutual aid and it began to transform how I thought about and showed up in the work I was doing. Mutual aid is as ancient as humans and has been practiced extensively and for years in Black communities, Indigenous communities, working class communities, LGBTQ communities, and disabled communities, as a means to get needs met outside of our barbaric system which consistently deems entire swaths of humanity as disposable. Mutual aid is resistance; mutual aid is radical care; mutual aid is building the infrastructure we’ll need to survive the years to come.

Magan is a bookkeeper specializing in independent contractors and small businesses, as well as one of the owners of Oxygen Tango, a progressive social tango community in Los Angeles. She is currently focused on unlearning white supremacy culture and training as an organizer with WP4BL, a white anti-racist collective acting in alliance with Black Lives Matter-LA.

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