Share the Wealth with Mark Chmiel: Dear Love of Hedy

With Hedy and Chrissy, Damascus Gate, East Jerusalem, December 2003


In this share, I plan on talking about one of the major threads of my recent “book” (published at my blog and on Facebook) Dear Love of Comrades, which I described to Rachel Sacks last fall as a “tribute to friendship.”

I’ll focus on the youth, political activism, and last years of Hedy’ Epstein’s long life. As I’ve done with events pertaining to The Book of Mev and Dear Layla Welcome to Palestine, we will take turns doing readings and sharing what pops into our consciousness as a result.

Join us
Sunday 20 September
7:00 p.m. CST.
Via Zoom
Email me for URL

Dianne Lee and Hedy Epstein

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