Share the Wealth with Mary & Cami: How to Stay Human in Grad School

WASHU’s Brown School is consistently ranked at the top of social work schools in the nation. But what does that mean if you lose your own humanity in the process? In this Share the Wealth, Mary and Cami will share reflections on their time at the Brown School and what they have found has kept them centered, sane, and motivated to keep going.  

Mary decided that starting a graduate program at an elite school during a global pandemic would be a very cool and sane thing to do. She is currently in between the first and second years of her MSW program, where she focuses on social and economic development. While Mary’s first year was full of the rigor for which the Brown School is known, she is hoping to fully embrace humanity in year two. At this Share the Wealth, Mary hopes to reflect on finding humanity amidst chaos and why a 4.0 GPA no longer holds the luster it once did. 

Cami graduated from the Brown School in May 2021 and is completing her final practicum hours this summer. At the Brown School, she focused her studies on mental health and eventually plans to become a therapist working with adults and adolescents. For now, she is recovering from her two years in graduate school, enjoying her summer, relearning why she wanted to become a social worker in the first place, and exploring the many avenues of “what’s next.” She is thankful for all the support & encouragement from anyone who had to listen to her wonder if finishing this degree was worth it the past two years. In reflecting on what helped her stay human throughout grad school, she hopes to share about pursuing creative projects, establishing community, and clarifying what is important. 

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Sunday18 July
7:00 p.m. Central Time
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