Share the Wealth with Sarah Bollinger: How to Get Lost – A Field Guide to Healing from Evangelical Fundamentalism

I am a mental health therapist in the south, which means that I run my private practice in the heart of the Bible Belt. Many of my clients have been marginalized and even traumatized from the rigidity, exclusion, and judgment of former religious communities, and they share their stories with me every day. Their stories are also my story – I grew up in a fundamentalist, evangelical community, and left for the sake of my mental health. Last year, I took one of Mark Chmiel’s writing courses to help inspire me in my work on a book about this. The idea was to write a memoir/self-help/psychological field guide to both process my own healing journey and hopefully help others on the path. This Share the Wealth will focus on what I’ve learned on the journey of healing from religious trauma, and how writing down my story has been an essential tool in the process.

Dr. Sarah Bollinger is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) in the states of Tennessee and Missouri. She completed her Master of Social Work degree at New York University and her PhD in Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis. She joyfully left academia to pursue private practice in Nashville, TN and hasn’t looked back since. She also fancies herself a “Jill of all trades” artist who sings jazz, writes books, takes pictures, and makes pottery. Dr. Bollinger is an avid Dr. Chmiel fan and has frequented his classes over the years.

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