Share the Wealth with Sari Althubyani: Cultivating Empathy

I had the good fortune of having Sari in two clases at Maryville University.  He also came to at least 20 Sunday Share the Wealth events, so I am happy to ask him to share with us a third time, now that he has graduated this past spring from Maryville.  Here’s what’s on his mind–

Studying abroad in the U.S gave me a new perspective on the world. This is something I don’t think I could have learned in a classroom. It necessitated exposing myself to a new scenario, one that included new people and experiences. I am extremely appreciative for the chance I was given. I never thought that  this experience would shape me differently and give me the opportunities to see what is going on right in front of our eyes that we are completely unaware of. These years reinforced the need for education and viewing things from different angles, while also cultivating empathy by placing me in the shoes of American residents, allowing me to bridge the gap between “Us” and “Them.”

Join us!
Sunday 15 August
7:00 p.m. Central Time
Via Zoom

photo by Cami

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