Share the Wealth with Tony Albrecht: Quit Your Job. Save the World.

Hi, I’m Tony, and Share the Wealth this week will be me making a case for why quitting your job could help save the world.

Yes, I may not know you, but more than 80% of workers are disengaged at work, either going through the motions or actively sabotaging their organizations. Do you fall in that dissatisfied majority? Or are you one of the lucky ones who wakes up excited to live this life?

Until May 2013, I was one of the disengaged. My gig as a lawyer was great by most conventional measures, but I realized along the way that I had spent many years preparing for a career that I did not actually care for. After a period of much inner turmoil (I tattooed WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE across my forearm in a font way too large for my frame), I underwent what we’ve come to understand as the hero’s journey described by Joseph Campbell. My sister Christie also found herself in an unfulfilling professional situation after ascending the corporate ladder as a fundraiser for a major non-profit in Washington, D.C. A similar transition led to her now spending large chunks of time traveling the world. She’s thumbing her nose at winter from the Dominican Republic as we speak, which is why I’ll be talking solo.

The discussion Sunday will revolve around a book we are writing. Its working title is Confusing Our Parents: How Quitting Your Job Could Help Save the World, Your Community, and Your Sanity.

Sure, the title is cute, but we believe there’s a very serious case to be made for why we all have an interest in disengaged people veering from the conventional path toward an uncharted future. That decision and the lifestyle that results is what we call Offscripting. There’s a compelling spiritual case to be made for this decision, as well as a familial case, a communal case, an economic case, an environmental case, and, of course, a sexual case (Focus groups have shown that STW attendance increases 25% when sex is mentioned.).

We believe the world needs more people who have come more alive, and with this idea we call Offscripting, our goal is to support people in embarking on their own hero’s journeys.

Please join me. If you don’t, I’ll be talking to myself. And I’ve made this case to myself enough already. It’d be nice to have more friends.

Join us Sunday 7 February
Potluck begins to 6:00 pm
Tony begins sharing at 6:45
At the home of Susan Clark
6330 Southwood Avenue
Unit  2E
St Louis, MO, 63105


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