So What

Dear Srimatiji

So what if David Harvey’s Marxist analysis is verified by each day’s dispiriting news?
“Full effort is full victory.”

So what if the interlocking system of oppressions appears stronger with each passing month?
“Be here now.”

So what if the work  feels crushingly overwhelming and gratitude for the work is depressingly underwhelming?
“You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work.”

So what if we wake up some mornings and in world-weariness want to stay in bed all day?
“Wherever you are, immerse yourself totally in one-pointed sadhana.”

So what if samadhi often feels like a million years away?
“Concentration is consecration.”

So what if the daily grind is wearing down our faith and kicking our hope into the gutter?
“Love is the strongest medicine.  It is more powerful than electricity.”

So what if you are 750 miles away and I only get to see you twice a year?
“You and I aren’t ‘we’; you and I are One.”


Line 2:  Mohandas Gandhi

Line 4:  Title of Ram Dass’s 1971 spiritual manual

Line 6:  Bhagavad Gita, chapter 2, verse 47

Line 8: Last words of  Sri Anandamayi Ma

Line 10:  Sri Eknath Easwaran

Line 12: Neem Karoli Baba

Line 14:  Meher Baba

–from work-in-progress, Namaste Forever

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