So You Went Out on a Date and …

He didn’t ask you to recite one of your favorite poems?
She shakes her head

He didn’t ask you to recite one of your own poems?

Didn’t he Google you, come across your blog?
“Guess not”

He didn’t offer any insight on your spiritual journey?

He didn’t ask which Synoptic Gospel is your favorite?
“Didn’t go there”

He didn’t inquire about your concentric circles of communities?
She chuckles and gives a wave of her hand

He didn’t pick your brain about how best to balance compassion and self-assertion?
“Not at all”

He wasn’t in awe of your ability to start a support group from scratch to benefit scores of people?
“Bless your heart”

So what on earth happened on this date?
“He talked about himself for the three hours”

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