Stating the Obvious

for Savannah

Thich Nhat Hanh’s poem “The Good News” is good news
Universal Design is good news
Sunday potlucks are good news
Song lyrics dedicated to a friend are good news
Vigiling for Palestine is still good news even with the 24/7 bad news in Gaza
Hand-drawn posters are good news
Bicycling in the city and Forest Park is good news
Pablo Neruda poem is good news
Saying “Yes!” is good news
Serene indifference to texting is good news
Health Literacy is good news
Cheerfulness is very good news
Classmate camaraderie is good news
Knowing what one is meant to do is good news
Not putting your light under a bushel basket is good news
Home sweet home (but not more than two weeks) is good news
Unfinished graph of consciousness poem on Palestine is good news
You (obviously) are good news

Universal Design Poster

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