Sundus’s Inquisitive Mind (Writing down the Bones/273)

What is my role in this world?
Am I capable of making a difference?
What can I do to help?
Do I fall under the trap of stereotypical thinking?
Is just my awareness of injustices over the world enough?
How can I do something about those injustices?
What good does it do to write all of my thoughts when no one will read them?
Should I say something?
Why didn’t I say something?
Do I believe in my writing?
Am I well-off by normal American standards?
Am I different?
Why do we all suffer?
Why do we fight?
Is what I say making a difference?
Is what I write making a difference?
Who will answer these questions?
How will I answer these questions?
Will I ever answer these questions?
Why NOT?
Will I?
Won’t I?
What is my purpose?
What can I say?
What is peace?
What is equality?
What is inequality?
What is oppression?
How much do I really know?
Am I in solidarity?
How much do I NOT know?
What else is happening?
How much do I care?
Will do something about it?

–Sundus Awan, Crossroads: Diversity & Social Justice class
from the writing topic: Questions This Class Has Raised for Me

Sundus and Farrah

Sundus and Farrah

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