Surrealism as a Way of Life

Robert Johnson played last night at that café on Sugar Street.

Walt Whitman was detained after chanting “Song of the Open Road” at the Huwarra Checkpoint.

Dorothy Day was photographed again just sitting in the middle of the demonstration, and was quite unfazed by the swagger of the occupation soldiers.

Majnoon is still looking for Leila up and down the Strip.

Malcolm X was hospitalized after being beaten by IDF soldiers at the Friday Bi’ilin protest against the apartheid wall.

Li Ch’ing-chao was impressed with the pottery collection of her Nablus hosts.

Mme de Beauvoir was interrogated by Shin Bet after she was frisked at a flying checkpoint, at which soldiers found questionable literature on her possession.

Lenny Bruce and Abby Hoffmann were arrested for likely deportation at 5 p.m., but the Palestinians were cheering them and laughing hysterically.

Eliezar ben Shlomo Veezel, wearing tefillin,  walked the Palestinian children to school in Hebron.

Doctor Dang Thuy Tram worked in the Gaza City hospital for 36 straight hours before she took a two-hour nap.

Director Guido Anselmi has the improbable nerve to think he can make a movie out of all this mess.

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