That Day at Café Ventana

What I really want to say is
Lindsey, thank you
For sitting here
Sunshining at Café Ventana

All those wrist bracelets that have 33 stories behind them
All those memories of El Salvador
Paralleling my memories of Palestine
All those friends who love you truly, madly, deeply

Thank you for coming on Thursday nights
And getting to know
By little and little (D. Day’s mantra)
Fifteen new human being creators

Thank you for reminding me of Mev
Same zest for the day to day
Same consideration for people
Teetering on the edge

Getting to know you makes me ask this question:
“What am I doing with my life?”
And this one:
“Who am I being in this one life?”

Thank you, Lindsey,
For telling the sharp truths
Of your life
I look forward to so many moments

When you tell us the stories
That have made you the way you want to be
The stories that come
With time and space

The stories that come
With quiet and ease
The stories that come
With tremors and tears

The stories that come
With breakdowns
The stories that come
With breakthroughs

Your stories entering me
My stories entering you
You accompanying me
I walking with you


Lindsey W.

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