The Way It Looked in 1976

Thus goes the fate of Israel. Tragedy upon tragedy, folly on folly. Foreign “advisers” dumping their witless plans on its benighted leaders, its people increasingly helpless and isolated, embittered, at sea, denied world sympathy, urged on to a hapless heroism by compatriots elsewhere, paramilitarized, taxed to exhaustion, under permanent marching orders, forced to witness in silence the moral outrage once inflicted on its own (now inflicted within its borders by its own authorities, on a people helpless and homeless, as its once were)—what catastrophe!

–Daniel Berrigan, S.J., “Israel, as Presently Constituted, in Michael True’s Daniel Berrigan: Poetry, Drama, Prose, p. 163.

Yibneh, Gaza, Palestine; November 2003
Yibneh, Gaza, Palestine; November 2003

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